Fencing (Co-ed)

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The Denison Fencing Club provides all equipment and training in foil, epee, and sabre. No previous experience is required. The club welcomes fencers ranging in ability from beginners to competitive fencers. The club meets on Sunday and Thursday from 7pm until 9pm. The club is coached by Peter Grandbois, former member of the U.S Fencing Team.

This club aims to provide new and experienced students a place and opportunity to learn more about and further their skills in the sport of fencing.


President - Logan Smith

Treasurer - Ryan Morris


Peter Grandbois


Denison’s double-threat, George Malloch Brown ’19 qualified for the Junior Olympics in two events with a gold medal in epee and silver in the foil competition at the Columbus division qualifying event this past weekend of December 13. This remarkable achievement represents the first time a Denison fencer has qualified for this prestigious event where the nations top under-20 fencers will compete.

In speaking about George, Coach Peter Grandbois commented “He is such a pleasure to have on the team. Not only is he immensely talented in both foil and epee (two of the three weapons in fencing), he is an ideal role model of sportsmanship. I’m looking forward to seeing how he measures up to the nation’s best fencers at the Junior Olympics in Cleveland in February.”


At their first tournament of the season, the Denison Swashbucklers slashed through opponents at Ohio University last Saturday, November 15th. George Molloch Brown led the mostly freshman squad by placing 2nd (out of 14) in the foil event and 2nd (out of 26) in epee. Charlie Lu led the Swashbucklers by placing 5th out of fifteen in sabre. Other fine performances were turned in by Peter Bulford who took 6th in sabre, Dennis Lu (11th  in foil), Logan Smith (24th in Epee), and Daniel Timmons and Edwin St. Hilaire, the two iron men of the Swashbucklers, who competed in all three events—Daniel placing 11th in Sabre, 12th in foil, and 20th in Epee, while  Edwin placed 7th in sabre, 14th in foil, and 23rd in epee. After the tournament, Coach Grandbois said, “If they do this well when most of them have only been fencing a few months, there is every reason to think that Denison will be a powerful fencing force in the future.”


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